Summer Bridge


Summer Bridge is an eight-day program that’s all about teaching new students the ins and outs of being an IUPUI Jaguar. Our goal is to help students feel prepared for their first semester of college and beyond! During Summer Bridge, students will make new friends in a relaxed setting; learn more about their schools and majors; receive early support in math, writing, and communication studies; and even begin some of their fall class work.

Summer Bridge registration is first-come, first-serve and is only available at orientation—so reserve your orientation early and talk to your advisor about how to sign up for Summer Bridge during registration.

Fall 2019 Summer Bridge dates are yet to be determined.

1,000+Students representing all schools and majors are expected to participate in Summer Bridge.

96%Of students who participated in the program say that it provided them with resources and information that helped them succeed in college.

What to Expect

Summer Bridge is an eight-day program, weekdays only. Each day starts at 8:00 a.m. and concludes at 4:00 p.m. Students must attend all days of the program, and punctuality is expected.

Each day consists of sessions during which students work on math, English, and presentation skills in addition to sessions specific to their majors. Schedules vary by major and by day. Students work closely with faculty, librarians, mentors, advisors, and other students in their majors to brush up on skills that will help them be successful going into the fall semester and beyond!

Some things to know:

  • Attendance is mandatory for every day, every session.
  • Dress is casual.

Once you have officially signed up for Summer Bridge during your orientation, you will receive specific information about your participation in the program. For more details about Summer Bridge, check out the FAQ page.


If you sign up for the Summer Bridge program and sign a fall campus housing contract by a certain date in mid-July (the exact date will be posted at a later time), you may request to move into your fall housing early to accommodate your Summer Bridge attendance. You will be asked to submit confirmation of your intent for early move-in to the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Early move-in for Summer Bridge students is yet to be determined.

If you do NOT have a fall 2019 campus housing contract by the date stipulated or if you sign up for Summer Bridge past that date, you should make your own arrangements for alternative housing and meals during the program. If you live within commuting distance, you are welcome to commute to and from Summer Bridge each day.

Note: Early move-in is prorated. Please direct questions to the Office of Housing and Residence Life.

For more information about on-campus housing, please visit the Office of Housing and Residence Life website.


Instructions about where to go on the first day, where to park, and what to bring will be emailed to your IUPUI email address about a week prior to the program start date.

Please log on to the Parking and Transportation Services website to purchase your student or campus housing parking permit as soon as possible so you will receive your permit in time for use during Summer Bridge. A map of available student and campus housing parking locations is also available on the website. We recommend that you plan to arrive at least 30 minutes early for the first day of Summer Bridge to allow yourself plenty of time to locate a parking space.

Attendance for all days of the Summer Bridge program is mandatory. You may not miss any days. If you need to be late or absent for an unexpected illness or emergency, please contact your Summer Bridge instructor or UCBRIDGE@IUPUI.EDU promptly.

Yes! Every student should attend an orientation session. The information you receive during orientation will help you to prepare for Summer Bridge.

Every Summer Bridge section is taught by an instructional team consisting of a faculty member, an academic advisor, a librarian, and a student mentor. You will meet your entire team at the opening session on the first day of Summer Bridge.

Check the Summer Bridge website regularly, and keep a close eye on your IUPUI email account, where you will receive periodic updates with important information.

Students in Summer Bridge are grouped according to major or intended field of study. If you decide to change your major before the program begins, it is very important that you call us at (317) 278-9673 right away to find out if there is a spot available for Summer Bridge in your new major.

Dress is casual. Shorts are fine. Please wear comfortable shoes.

Please bring a small, handheld calculator, pens/pencils, a notebook, and money for lunch.

No, you do not need to purchase any books before Summer Bridge.

You will have sessions in English, math, and presentation skills. The other sessions you will attend will depend on your major or intended field of study. Your instructor will share your session schedule with your group on the first day of the program.

Yes, your Summer Bridge class will become your first-year seminar.

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