Learning Communities

About Learning Communities

A learning community is a first-year seminar linked to one or more general education courses that a cohort of 25 freshmen take together. Students build close friendships with their peers and make connections with their faculty, advisor, and peer mentor. Learning community students explore and apply ideas across courses and through out-of-class activities make connections between classwork and life experiences.

Whether you have a major in mind or are exploring your options, your orientation advisor can help you pick a learning community that will work for your degree program. Each learning community includes a first-year seminar and courses from the list of IUPUI general education courses so if you change majors, the credits you earn can count toward graduation.

What I liked most about my learning community was that we're like a family. We helped each other learn and grow. This really has helped me feel welcomed into this community.

Enhance Your College Experience

themed learning community members posing for a photo


"The learning community allowed me to make those close connections in a small circle of people, which made me more comfortable and more apt for learning."

students assisting children in a lab experiment

Real-Life Connections

"What I liked most about my themed learning community was going on our little field trips and being able to interact with each other. It brought us together as a community."

students making observations about an art piece


"I think having such a caring group of teachers was what I enjoyed the most. They didn't give me success; they gave me all the tools I needed to be successful."

students gathered around a teacher giving a speech

Relevant Experiences

"I liked how everything we learned was relevant to the real world. We had a lot of stimulating discussions in class, and we all had the opportunity to share our opinions and values."

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