Bridge Week

College before college

Bridge Week is a five-day program that teaches you the ins and outs of being a new IUPUI Jaguar. We'll help you feel prepared for your first year of college and beyond! During Bridge Week, you'll make new friends, learn more about your school and major, and start connecting to campus activities and resources. You might even get started on some of your fall course work.

All first-year students at IUPUI should participate in Bridge Week.

Relive Bridge Week 2020

Open to all IUPUI freshmen and included in the cost of tuition, Bridge Week 2020 welcomed the Class of 2024 to IUPUI. Relive the experience.

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Benefits of Bridge Week

During Bridge Week, you'll establish networks for success with instructors, student mentors, and fellow freshmen. The week is an opportunity to:

  • build lasting friendships with your peers
  • learn about college-level expectations
  • develop strategies to succeed in your classes
  • begin connecting with your school and major
  • become acquainted with the IUPUI campus
  • gain experience in using technology
  • Start off your college career on the right foot!

Bridge Week is a great way to start off your college career on the right foot! Participants tend to have higher GPAs during their first semester than nonparticipants. In fact, nearly 60% of participants earn a 3.0 GPA or better and 96% of students who participate in the program say that it provided them with resources and information that helped them succeed in college.

Still curious how to make the most of your first year?